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CANDOLI GmbH is a known and specialized company on a international level that provides a wide range of sophisticated projects, concepts and services. 


CANDOLI GmbH is a known and specialized company on an international level that provides a wide range of sophisticated projects, concepts and services for airports, VIP-, Business- and Private Aviation since 1999. 

In 2016 we've started a project with Ecological Evolution, working on a particular project to reduce smog in larger cities without additional energy consumption. 

At the moment we are developing the concept of Air Ticino. It will be a new regional Swiss airline based in Agno Airport, Lugano which genarates added value for the whole region. The project involves, among others, the aircraft manufacturer Embraer. 

In 2015 CANDOLI has expanded in to a group including the following companies:
- Airborne Catering GmbH
- Individual Jet Lda
- Individual Jet Club
- Ecological Evolution
- XT-Level - Next Level Premium Energy Drink
Please find below the corresponding links to all above listed companies and brands.


Airborne Catering, Inflight Catering, Business aviation, VIP Aviation


AIRBORNE CATERING has a high quality awareness...

To be able to provide each of our products with the guarantee of quality of Airborne Catering, our staff makes the choice for every single product with high standard expectations.

These do not only range over the product itself but also over its origin and cultivation, its production and packaging as well as its storage.

We focus on fresh products of finest quality.


XT Level, Next Level Premium Energy Dring

Next Level Premium Energy Drink... a completely new drink, made in Germany, in the premium category of energy drinks.

Next Level Premium Energy Drink provides the energy you need for everyday life, be it at at work, for more focus on study, more endurance in training, more energy in sports or to keep up the energy on the longer nights of the weekend.

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Next Level Premium Energy Drink - Made in Germany
Individual Jet, Business Aviation, Privat Jets, Business Jets


We make it easier for you to conquer the distance between where you are and where you want to be.
Individual Jet develops individual and personalized services and solutions for VIP, private and commercial aviation as well as for customers who need and use this way of transportation.
We help you find the easiest and most economical way for your business journey.

Meeting your expectantions is our challenge and you can trust that we have your best interests in mind.  

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Individual Jet, business Jets, Business Aviation, Privat jet
Ecological Evolution, Smog reduction on large cities

Ecological Evolution...

...helps nature remove smog and toxic gases exactly where they originate...

In 4 years of work, Ecological Evolution has developed a concept based on the latest reserch of nanotechnology to help nature reduce smog, exhaust- and toxic gases where they arise. 

Also the heat in the buildings can be reduced by up to 50% with this technology and therefore the energy needed for cooling is reduced. A positive contribution to the environment. 

Contact us and we will be happy to give you further information. 



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  • +41 44 552 02 67

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